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When I first visited Gamble Sands in 2015, GOLF and Golf Digest had just named it the best new course of 2014. With a short drive from my residence in Seattle, the 3 hour drive was an easy one to make. At the time, Gamble Sands was just a small clubhouse and 18 holes of David McLay Kidd golf. In 2021, that scenery has changed dramatically with the addition of on site cottages, a world class putting green, and a critically acclaimed new short course called QuickSands.

After my visit to the resort, I headed into the media center to answer some burning questions from a small panel of local golf guests. Please enjoy the raucous discussion below on one of America’s blossoming golf resorts.

Disclaimer: Heavy amounts of Coors Banquet Beer was served in the lobby before the panel interview discussion began.


1. Where the hell is Gamble Sands and how the hell do I get there?

It looks like we are going to start off our discussion with an unnecessarily aggressive question. Gamble Sands is in the town of Brewster, Washington. Located on the confluence of the Columbia and Okanogan Rivers, Brewster sports a population of 2,370 people. Most of the residents are apple farmers and hard working folks.

It is approximately a 3 hour drove inland from Seattle. You can also fly into the Wenatchee airport and make the 1 hour drive to the course. The other option would be to make the 2.5 hour drive in from Spokane. In terms of a destination, Gamble Sands is not easy one to get to.


2. I put most of my effort into boozin’ with my golf bros. Is it worth the effort to make the trip to Gamble Sands?

Previously with just one golf course at the resort, I answered this question with “It depends on how much you love golf.” With the new additions at Gamble Sands, the answer is a simple YES. The short course and on site lodging have transitioned Gamble Sands from a daily fee course to a bonafide golf resort. I would suggest that any golfer in the Pacific Northwest should make the trip and a case could be made for anyone on the west coast.


The resort also has also added some serious accommodations to the experience. For those that have had the pleasure of staying at Bandon Dunes or any of the Dormie Network properties, the experience is very similar….

2b. Interrputing loudly…. I like to make putts and kick butts!

Thank you sir for that statement. Making putts and kicking butts is actually encouraged on the 100,000 square foot Cascades putting course located conveniently out the back door of the cottages. Glow balls and snacks are even provided at the nearby golf and activities pavilion.

The newly established golf cottages at Gamble Sands overlook the Cascades putting course.

The newly established golf cottages at Gamble Sands overlook the Cascades putting course.

3. I have heard the the golf course is easy and the course record is 51. Is it any good?

The person asking these questions has clearly breached the suggested limit of 6 banquet beers per guest. For the record, no one should ever put easy and golf in the same sentence without ironic intent. Gamble Sands should be described as fun, first and foremost. With wide fairways and slopes that often feed golf balls onto the putting surfaces the course is player friendly but I would not describe it as easy. The course record is 62.

With some decent course management, a recreational golfer can easily identify the areas where not to miss and find his or her way to some easy pars. The scratch golfer will be tempted with hero shots and opportunities to make eagles. It is a well executed strategy from Kidd and the result is one of the most fun courses in the country.

The drivable second provides sweeping views of the Columbia River.

The drivable second provides sweeping views of the Columbia River.

Sunset over the 8th hole at Gamble Sands

Sunset over the 8th hole at Gamble Sands

4. Are you going to make a hole-in-one on QuickSands or are you going to continue being an ace-less loser?

While I would like to remind the media to refrain from making insults, I will proceed.

Yes, it is true that I have yet to make a hole in one in my lifetime. I am currently 0 for approximately 14,000 attempts. With 14 ace-able holes on the David McLay Kidd designed QuickSands, my prospects went up dramatically during my visit.

I played the course twice during my time at Gamble Sands and I was 0 for 28 on my first two trips. You can catch all of the action from my third trip around QuickSands on the attached video.


The “Crater” hole on Quick Sands

The “Crater” hole on Quick Sands

5. Bitch don’t Kill My Vibe!?

Please! There will be no profanity in the media center! and is that a serious question?

Fortunately, there is no question about the vibe at QuickSands. With 15 powerful speakers around the golf course pumping out the dope beats, the good times flow almost as freely as the drinks. With holes ranging from 60 to 180 yards, golfers need only bring several clubs, leaving an extra hand for bringing the booze.

*panelists cheer wildly.

Even the tee markers have drink holders to encourage the party vibe.

*beer cans thrown from panel rain onto podium

Gamble Sands 5-2021_46-3.jpg

6. After doing the golf, I like to dance party. Where is the Dance Barn?

There are no plans for the creation of a dance barn at Gamble Sands. However, a routing has been created for a second 18 hole golf course at the resort. There is no official ETA on when the course will be built, but the anticipation is already mounting. An on site restaurant called Danny Boy also serves killer meat ball sandwiches and a fine selection of beverages. *man from back yells “woooo beverages”

Dancing is encouraged on Quick Sands, but there is no Dance Barn.

Dancing is encouraged on Quick Sands, but there is no Dance Barn.

7. I have heard that David Kidd dude is the man. Is that true?

With a stable of world class courses now under his belt, (Bandon Dunes, Mammoth Dunes, Tetherow) the creation of QuickSands here at Gamble Sands has clearly solidified David McLay Kidd’s status as “the man.”

Any more questions from our panel?

…loud snoring is heard.

Ok then, I would like to thank everyone for their participation in today’s panel discussion. Book your Gamble Sands golf reservations today.

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