TrackMan4 – Leading the indoor virtual golf revolution… It’s time to put your indoor business on the Radar!

Golf has experienced a huge surge in popularity across the world over, as generations of golfers are finding more opportunity to dedicate their time to the endless benefits this wonderful game brings.

As a result, more and more people are recognizing the growth potential of indoor golf as a new business opportunity. The most significant recent growth has occurred in Europe, with clients taking full advantage of all the benefits that TrackMan’s Indoor Golf Solution offers. When it comes to building a new commercial simulator center – TrackMan 4 is the technology leading this business BOOM.  

Some of the biggest multi-site commercial indoor installations have recently arrived in Sweden with Indoor Golf Group Sweden and RUFF Golf leading the way.

In 2020/21, TrackMan collaborated with hundreds of global entrepreneurs who recognized that the software ecosystem delivered to support a commercial facility, was key in creating a seamless experience for both the serious and casual golfer alike.  

The data accuracy, feature-rich versatility, and market-leading graphics of the TrackMan package have always been its major strength, however one of the main reasons for this recent surge in commercial business is TrackMans advanced Facility Management functions.  These functions provide updated data and usage insights to help business owners plan day to day activity, plus insights for running a smooth and profitable business.

Usage insights provides the user knowledge of when to increase staffing levels to cope with busy days and hours, and when to plan any maintenance on slow mornings to help businesses to maximise return on investment, as well as giving invaluable insights into how – and when – the simulator facility is being used.

TrackMan Facility Management also makes it easy to plan events, structure tournaments, display leaderboards, and connect with customers. The Tournament feature lets business owners tap into new opportunities. As well as prize sponsorships, it is also possible to have bay, course, and even hole sponsorships. Tournaments also help to increase food and beverage turnover, and attract more players who stay for longer.

Just like with TrackMan’s Virtual Golf and Performance Studio software, regular updates and support make it more powerful over time.

Below you will find case studies of some of the simulator facilities in Europe who already are using TrackMan to offer their customers the most realistic and enjoyable Golf Simulator experiences possible, with access to over 100 amazing courses, fun skill entertainment games and plenty of possibilities to improve customers performance and Unleash their Potential.

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