PGA Tour: Why the three majors should be extra exciting this year

The PGA Tour is back in action and it’s great to see golf in front of our eyes again. Whether it’s watching it on TV or listening to the coverage on the radio, it’s just good to hear the sound of clubs thwacking and balls dropping into cups again. And with no crowds, the sounds are twice as pure as they’ve ever been (no offense to the crowds).

But, with golf starting back up again, this means that we are being dealt with a weird schedule. With all three majors scheduled for late Summer and into the Fall, and with The Open Championship canceled, it’s going to be a wild season. On top of this, the Ryder Cup has been canceled too.

And it will feel kind of empty in July with no Open Championship or John Deere Classic which are traditionally held in back-to-back weeks though. Despite this, we do have three major championships to enjoy and some regularly scheduled events as well. We’re going to be talking about the majors, and why they should be more intriguing this year despite the changes.

You’re probably thinking “how could the tournaments be more interesting with no fans?”. Well, this question is basically the answer, because the question marks that are floating in the air adds to the intrigue. The unknown for some may be scary, but for many, it can be exciting because of the suspense. Let’s face it, we love suspense. We pretend that we hate change but in reality, we can’t help but be curious about it, and that goes for the majors as well. Here’s why each one will be extra fun in their own way.

The Masters

Tiger Woods

Ahh, yes, golf’s springtime trad–…wait, what’s that? It’s going to in the Fall? Well, it looks it will be the Autumn tradition, at least for one year. What makes this so cool is that we get to see Augusta National in a new light. Really, it’s almost all about the course for this tournament, as it is with most Masters tourneys.

It will be fun to see how crisp the course will look in autumn. It’s possible that we may see some colors in the leaves which could really look beautiful. The Fall is personally my favorite time of the year because of this, and the fact that the weather is nice and chilled and it’s an excellent time for golf.

It should be fun without spectators as well because you’ll be able to listen to the serenity of Augusta while you watch or hear it on the radio. I think, if you want to see and hear the home of The Masters in its purest form, then this is arguably the best chance you’ll get. That’s why this year’s Masters will be an event unlike any other.

The U.S. Open

Gary Woodland

Famously known as golf’s toughest major (and highest paying), it will be interesting to see how the U.S. Open course conditions will be this year, being in the Fall. No doubt that a New York layout such as Winged Foot will fit this setting perfectly. It just makes you wonder if the conditions will be harder or easier around that time?

And The USGA would need to have the course ready for being in such a different season for the tournament. And of course, how will the players fare? Will the scores be low like last year’s championship at Pebble Beach or like at Erin Hills in 2017? Or will it play like a traditional U.S. Open track?

Only time will tell, and this is why the unknown is so exciting. We are left to wonder and it makes for some great conversations. One thing I always said is that golf is arguably the greatest sport to talk about because of the many angles you can take each conversation, and not to mention all of the great stories that can be told. What story will be written in September at the legendary Winged Foot?

PGA Championship

Brooks Koepka

OK, so the PGA will be the first major played when it begins in August but I thought I’d save it for last for old time’s sake. What should be fun about this one is something that applies to the other majors as well and that’s being able to take in the serenity of the course. TPC Harding Park is a beautiful track in the San Francisco area and should boast some solid views.

On top of this, we’ll see how loose the players are when they’re out there. PGA Tour pros are usually confident in their abilities, but I’m sure there are some that crack under pressure at certain points with thousands of eyeballs watching them. The PGA is a straight dog fight where anyone and their uncle’s cat can win the thing (and yes, I threw “dog” and “cat” in the same sentence. Remember the show, “CatDog”?).

Comfort is confidence

So, with no spectators, every player should feel pretty comfortable out there. Comfort is confidence and confidence is comfort. Let’s face it; peer pressure is a thing, and when a ton of your fellow human beings are watching you closely, it can be a bit scary at times. And of course, you’ll have the fan who will shout during a putt, so that might not help either. But, eliminating the fan aspect this year should make every golfer ready to play at the very highest level and should make for quite a show.

As unpredictable as the PGA Championship can be, it has the potential to be the most exciting major this year, but all three should be terrific under these circumstances. If things are still a go, then I’m all for it. If they suddenly decide to cancel, then that’s fine too. But, if all three majors are going to make to our TV screens and radios, then get ready for a special treat.

Thank you so much for reading! Feel free to follow me on Twitter @GhostPandaColin (I talk about gaming mostly these days but still try to squeeze in some golf as well)! You can also follow The Punchbowl @GolfPunchbowl

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