Watch: Tiger Woods stripes driver on the range at Le Golf National

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I attended morning press conferences, watched the American groups tee off in their practice rounds, checked out the merchandise tent, went to more pressers, and then took a walk out to the practice areas and stumbled on the driving range, where Tiger Woods showed up shortly after.

He went through his routine, warmed up starting with half wedges to full, and working his way eventually to Frank, the driver or the driver’s headcover. Whatever, minor details.

I sat behind Tiger on the grass about 15 yards back and just watched him stripe ball after ball for about an hour. I don’t remember the last time I saw him hit it so pure, and notwithstanding this year, I’ve watched him play A LOT of golf (but not as much as would have liked) in the past eight years and it wasn’t long ago that it was pretty painful (for all parties, but mostly him).

When I first started covering golf, my favorite thing to do was to spend hours watching players practice on the range. This Thursday afternoon reminded me of my younger, less jaded, wide-eyed self. So, thank you for that, world…and Tiger.

It’s also cool that Tiger playing really well + Tiger being normal/one of the boys can coexist. See, you have it both ways!

Have a great night. Bisous from Paris! USA, USA!

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